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How To Get Free Tinder Sex

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Getting laid on Tinder may look easier than it is. It is a dating site with a certain appeal that works for many and for a good reason too. You’re probably been a part of many conversations in which the topic has steered in the direction of Tinder hookups and casual dates. Apparently, that isn’t enough for Tinder to work for getting laid because that is a whole different scenario altogether.

An adult dating site can be the means to the end but can’t do all the heavy-lifting by itself. You and you alone do that. Though Tinder is the most popular application out there, your chances of getting tinder sex aren’t necessarily that high. The concept of swiping right or left depends upon the rate of popularity of your profile.

For your profile to work and matches to appear in your inbox, you need to build up your profile on Tinder. Your profile does half the work for you, and hence, it should be complete and contain all the relevant details that you wish to disclose. Also it should let people know that you are looking for a Tinder fuck, whether that be subtly or overtly.

Be it photos or chats, Tinder is unique from other dating sites. Though time and tide wait for none, you need prep time to get going. Here are the ways to boost up your profile for casual sex on Tinder.

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Profile pictures

Usually, guys end up posting pictures of their bare bodies or at the gym while working out. Though girls would love to get in bed with you and your steaming hot bodies, they prefer pictures where they get to know you and your face. After all, the physique and facial features are two different categories.

It is always preferred to click pictures with a clear view of your face. Try not to include group pictures as your profile picture. You don’t want a horny Tinder slut mistaking you for one of your friends. Selfies work but make sure it’s not a messy one. Do not obsess over the image; usually, it is the messaging part where the girl judges you.

Just make sure you have put up a real picture with no frills and edits. A fake picture is a big no-no. You ruin your chances of ever getting a tinder fuck. No side profiles or showing your back in the uploaded photos. They may look aesthetic but come off as being disinterested.

Choose your pictures wisely if you want easy Tinder sex! Snippet description

The profile descriptions are essential, and the words should be chosen with care. It would help if you did not come off as arrogant or an uncaring jerk. Make it stand apart with humor. Everybody loves a good laugh, irrespective of being a girl or a guy.

Nobody likes dull and long descriptions. Though the character limit is 500 words, make it as short as possible. It’s a bio; give your gist in a few words or lines and no more. Let any tinder sluts know that you are down for Tinder hookups.

Never leave your bio empty. Also, make no false claims. Usually, you will get caught in the act, and you will regret putting it up.

Make it count! First impressions do matter in the swipe game.

Cast a wide net

Don’t limit yourself to just young Tinder sluts or just Tinder milfs. If you want to up your chances of a Tinder fuck you need to open yourself to all the different types of casual sex seekers on the platform.

Conversation starters

Trust this, nobody likes a pickup line as an introductory statement of the conversation. Do not stick to the plain old ‘Hey’ because that doesn’t help either. You are not asking your friend to hang out.

Do not use cliches or cheesy lines. They are not funny and are vague reminders of how uninteresting a person is. We want to get closer to finding casual sex on Tinder, not further away.

Emojis and GIFs are great but certainly not for the first time. You do not want to come off as the weirdo or the new kid off the block by using excessive emoticons. Be creative but do not go overboard with it. Just be authentic and lean towards sexiness without being too thirsty.

Please keep it simple and funny and sexy too!

Personal chats

These conversations are an excellent opportunity to get to know a potential fuck buddy better. In these chats personal touch is reflected only when the person has an open conversation. It is okay if you’re not funny, do not crack jokes like speeches being given in front of an audience.

Be yourself and do not get lost in the jargon. Mindless conversations are not the solution. Flirt around but just the right amount so that you don’t come off as desperate.


Do not fake it till you make it. This isn’t a reality show. It is a conversation that will spark interest in your match. It is certainly not that difficult, but you certainly should not complicate it further. Don’t be scared to guide the chats in a sexual direction. Even if you don’t get a Tinder fuck right away, you might get some free local nudes before the main event.

Get A Tinder Fuck Tonight

The tips mentioned above are not a cheat code to cracking the hookup game on Tinder. You need to explore your options and test the waters. There are times when you feel like a scrub, but even then, you can sustain and try again!

After all, who said a Tinder hookup is simple. It is going to take all that you can offer and some more. You cannot expect your match to hit it off and deliver a Tinder fuck to your door by batting your eyelids. If you want a hookup that easily check out snap fuck or another site specifically for sex hookups.

You can wish it was that simple, but then the truth isn’t far-fetched. Just change your mindset and try something new. If it isn’t working for you, get away from the jaded blame-game. Save your sob story for another day.

Introspect and dive in with a fresh perspective. That is how you stay getting laid on Tinder.


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