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Do’s and Dont's Of The Meet and Fuck Hookup

hookup sites do's and dont's

Meet and fuck hookups are definitely for the free spirited. However, there are some important rules to follow to improve quantity and quality of hookups and leave your fuck buddies happy. Follow these Do’s and Dont’s and you will definitely up your game on hookup sites. Also don’t just take our word for it. A large study from Australian and US universities identifies some of the most common dating dealbreakers.

Casual Hookup Tips

Don’t: Have bad hygiene! Bad hygiene is pretty much a universal turn off. No one wants to fuck someone who stinks. No, pounds of cologne won’t cover it up. People don’t want to wait in line with someone who has bad hygiene let alone hook up with them.

Do: Take a shower! Just like bad hygiene will turn someone off, smelling fresh and clean can put your fuckbuddy in the mood to get really dirty. So wash yourself with soap and water and brush your teeth for fucks sake. Bonus points if you slap a little lotion on those heels.

Don’t: Be a dick! Use it don’t be one. Rudeness is unattractive. Many possible tinder fucks have been squashed because of a rude comment. FFB users are on the app to have a good time. Don’t ruin it because you can’t be nice. Write it in your diary instead.

Do: Be polite! Unless communicated otherwise, manners are always appreciated. It’s pretty simple: act in ways that would make your mother proud, then act in ways that would make her very disappointed with you and your new fuck buddy. Being conscious of and respecting boundaries goes a long way.

Don’t: Get attached! The point of a free local meet and fuck is to have amazing sex without any commitment. So catching feelings is a no-no. If someone wanted to pay for an escort, then they would. If someone wanted to start a relationship they would go on tinder. Everyone on Free Fuckbook wants to hook up with a fuck buddy with no strings attached.

Do: Deal with your feelings on your own! If for some reason you find some feelings for your fuck buddy creeping in, don’t panic. But, do deal with them yourself. Talk to your friend, your therapist, or your dog. Don’t profess them to your fuckbuddy. The fuckbook hookup is a sacred arrangement. Respect it.

Don’t: Be awkward/weird Adult life is awkward enough. Don’t be weird. Nothing kills the mood like someone acting and making it uncomfortable. Don’t forget we’re all here for an amazing free fuck.

Do: Communicate Communication is key. Talk about what you like what you want. Find out the same from your casual sex partner. This will allow everyone to relax and have a great time.

For sure there are some more do’s and don’ts, but this is a great foundation. These seem like common sense, but for a lot of people they aren’t. If everyone can apply these do’s and don’ts the fuckbook world will be much better for it. Now get out there and fuck tonight.

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