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Hookupbay Casual Dating Platform

hookupbay easy dating platform

The internet culture has changed the concept of dating, and it put a cultural reset on how people fall in love or hook up. This recent fad for meeting people via the internet and social media is now more common than meeting organically in person. Casual dating websites like hookupbay have become a popular choice for many people looking strictly for casual relationships and hookups with no strings attached. Let us dive more into these topics and have a closer look at one of the best dating websites.

What Is Hookupbay?

Hookupbay is a casual dating website primarily for people interested in casual sexual encounters. This doesn’t necessarily meant that users don't find love through the dating site. Some users connect for the sole purpose of hooking up, but end up finding a relationship for the long term.

Hookupbay originated in Romania, but has grown into a global platform available for people of any sexual orientation. The hookup dating site helps to find and connect sexual partners of similar interests. Hookupbay started fully functioning in in early 2020 and despite being reasonably new in the adult dating space, the site is performing well and seemingly gaining popularity among online casual daters.

What Are Hookupbay Features?

Hookupbay features four major criteria in terms of the search filters. These are: 1. Sexual orientation
2. Age
3. Users active on the website
4. Users with photo

Other than these basic features, users can create profile videos to personalize their profiles. This feature allows the user to showcase more personality and build a better connection just from the profile visit. Another great feature that the hookupbay website offers is the block option. The block feature allows the user to block unwanted messaging from other users if it is bothersome or uninteresting and simply focus on men and women who want to fuck.

The sex dating site also allows regional searches to connect users with similar interests in the same area. This is a feature that helps Hookupbay stand out from its other competitors in the adult dating space. Users can share their chatroom id with other members or join other users' chat rooms for extra fun like exchanging snapchat nudes or setting up a snapfuck.

Hookupbay Adult Dating Prices

Hookup bay is not a completely free sex dating website. With the website being user friendly and trustworthy, it comes with a price tag however it isn’t quite the same as hiring an escort on Skip The Games. Below is the pricing for membership on Hookupbay.

Just like every good hookup site, Hookup bay also provides a trial-plan or trial membership. During the trial period, the price is slashed half the amount of the original plan. User’s can try the website paying only half the amount for a day or week. If it doesn't satisfy the customer, he/she has every right to cancel the plan and move along. However, it must be kept in mind that the plan should be canceled during the trial plan. If it exceeds the given date and time, it will automatically charge or enroll the user in the recurring plan.

For a day, it costs one dollar. It is a great way to check if the website is suitable or delivers what it promises. When you sign up for a trial you will learn how the website works and find out if it is a good online casual dating option for you. If you like hookupbay, you can enroll as a user by paying for one month or three month plan.

The payment method that Hookupbay is credit card payment. The website offers various plans for users to choose from. Unfortunately, the Hookupbay website does not provide coin plans.

How Safe Is This Hookup Site?

A sex dating website may not be a place where many people want their pictures seen. Hookupbay does not allow people to view pictures of profile videos unless they are registered and is a trusted user.

The website also uses an SSL connection for their chats, making it impossible for anyone to intercept the exchanged messages between users.
 With these safe practices, users can worry less about their communications being read by others on the website.

The hookupbay screens to make sure not to allow any minors to join. Since the registration process requires five fields to be filled, it removes minors from having any opportunity to participate in any sexual activities.

Hookupbay also does not allow users to catfish other users. It makes sure that the registered members use original photos instead of animations or celebrity pictures. The moderator makes a second check of the pictures provided and only approves the profiles that are accurate representations.

There is a report button on the website that users can use to report any potential fake or suspicious users. This will enable the Hookupbay’s moderators to investigate the reported account.

Pros and Cons of Hookupbay

Hookupbay Pros

1. Open for all sexual orientations
Other than the generic sexual orientation, transgender people, gays, and lesbians find it hard to find people to connect with both sexually and emotionally. Since this website allows people to identify as different pronouns to satisfy their sexual needs, it instantly makes the website a hit among a variety of users with different genders and sexual orientations.

2. More than a profile picture
Unlike many hookup dating sites that offer just a profile picture option, this site provides both a picture and video option. This is great for users who want to offer more personal content and personalize their profile.

3. Affordable
The affordability of the site is a plus point. The trial plans are cheap, allowing the user to test the waters before fully committing to it.

4. Easy cancel plan
If a user is unsatisfied with the site, they can choose to cancel their plan at any point in time during their trial plan. This makes the process that much more hassle-free.

Hookupbay Cons

1. No mobile app
Unlike many other dating websites that have a mobile app, Hookup bay does not offer one. This is one of its greatest downfalls in terms of marketing as most users these days prefer mobile-friendly apps over a desktop website. With that being said, the website is responsive and runs smoothly on a mobile device.

2. General casual dating site
While the casual dating site is open for all types of users it doesn’t cater to any specific niche. So if you are looking for a Milf, you’re better off with another site that is specifically for milf dating.

As a newcomer in a pretty competitive space, hookupbay has impressed a lot of online casual daters and seems poised to grow. Time will tell how popular the site will become and how much it will expand its community.

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